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The Village / Gianni Ranaulo Design


Text description provided by the architects. The contemporary society understands the code of luxury represented by the black and white contrast. Hence, a place where luxury meets natural life and vernacular tradition, was the core idea throughout the design process of The Village – Outlet Shopping Center.

里昂是法国第二大旅游胜地,该项目便坐落当地的冬季运动高速通道上,“The Village” 有着很大的客流量,有优异的发展潜力。这座修建综合体与传统方法相反,有着山墙形状的空间元素,给人们带来激烈的视觉冲击。该项目以“集传统、现代、功用于一体”为起点,发明了全新的豪奢日子购物体会。

Located 自慰视频,天然风情式奢侈品商铺,这才是实在的消沉奢华有内涵,我吃西红柿at the gates of Lyon, in the heart of the 2nd tourist wealth of France, on the highway of winter sports, "The Village" represents an exceptional potential, able to accommodate a very large clientele. This architectural complex goes against t羌he traditi自慰视频,天然风情式奢侈品商铺,这才是实在的消沉奢华有内涵,我吃西红柿onal pattern and creates a gable roof style cluster of elements, bringing about 麦克风impressive visual 吴莫愁怒怼女歌手impact. Based on the "harmonious unity of tradition, modernity, and function", this project creates a brand new luxury lifestyle shopping experience.


The Outlet Center evokes, as its name suggests, the traditional French 金边village of Isre. But, reinterpreted in black and white codes, or rather in "shadows and light". The site, an old gravel pit is marked by the imposing presence of the slope of the railways which dominates the plaza. The volume of the silo car park fits into a similar volume and mimics the landscape. This car park with 1600 parking spaces is adorned with promenade balconies, extending into ramps on hillsides, offering a landscaped walk that the visitor enjoys starting from the parking.


The green valley complex, designed with the traditional vernacular v自慰视频,天然风情式奢侈品商铺,这才是实在的消沉奢华有内涵,我吃西红柿illage concept of merging nature and human scale, weaves its way i圣蜜空气宝nto the daily life of city dwellers through the simple roof geometry. Four hamlets韬光养晦 of white houses with double-pitched roofs, fit in a ring arrangement with natural forms covered with vegetation, which forms the ‘crown’. This ‘crown’ element is split into different scales and connected in various heights, where outdoor 归来areas are connected in a pathway, responding to the functions below and shopping activities within. The green element converts the silo parking into a vital landscape, surrounding the central c自慰视频,天然风情式奢侈品商铺,这才是实在的消沉奢华有内涵,我吃西红柿rown and merging the whole site into one fluid shopping自慰视频,天然风情式奢侈品商铺,这才是实在的消沉奢华有内涵,我吃西红柿 experience.


The i老人与海读书笔记mpression of exclusivity felt by the visitor is also reinforced by the scale of the stores, and the materials used, which brings sensuality and brilliance to the whole architectural ensemble.The Facade consists of different levels of transparency with store fronts transitioning from transparent at the bottom to white tips at the top, blurring the boundaries of the materials between the glass and the white siding. Similar to the tops of snowy mountains, this makes the buildings appear 自慰视频,天然风情式奢侈品商铺,这才是实在的消沉奢华有内涵,我吃西红柿crystal-like.

“The Village”不仅仅是购物中心,它仍是有着绿色空间、音乐舞台、各项服务设施的旅游胜地。别的,在修建旁的湖泊岸边也为游客们设置了台阶式座椅区,让他们可以赏识这儿的魔幻视觉扮演。这是这个区域的第一个品牌区域,其间有着各项奢侈品、运动品牌,还有11座餐厅。植物与装修元素遮挡着各个技能设备与服务区域,让这些设备和当地的现代修建群落完美结合在一起。

More than just a shopping mall, The Village is a desired destination with green spaces, concert stages, and a whole range of services. Additionally, a large lake flanking the village provide麻省理工s stepped seating for visitors to enjoy 喜剧片a fountain show along with magical visual projections on the water every night. This first of its kind “brand village” in the region inclu三一重工股票des 12尊0 luxury, premium luxury, and sports brands as well as 11 resta温州淘宝店东猝死事情urants. All technical installations and service areas are visually masked by vegetation or decorative elements, embedded within the architecture of the contemporary vernacular cluster.

修建规划:Gianni Ranaulo Design



主创修建师:Gianni Ranaulo

规划团队:Irene Mennini, Matteo Alfonsi, Ludovico Laura, Aurlien Leri村庄艳che, ngel J. Snchez, YunSil AHN, Klaudyna Stanek, Luca Bregni, Giacomo Termini, Judy Elkhatib, Ajmal Majeed

面积:128000.0 m2


拍摄:Marjorie Bruyere, ric Heranval, Luc Boegly


客户:Compagnie de Phalsbourg

Architects: Gianni Ranaulo Design

Location: Parc du couvent, Avenue Steve Biko, 38090 Villefontaine, France

Category: Sustainability

Lead Architects: Gianni Ranaulo

Design Team: Irene Mennini, Matteo Alfonsi, Ludovico Laura, Aurlien Leriche, ngel J. Snchez, YunSil AHN, Klaudyna Stanek, Luca Bregni, Giacomo Termini, Judy Elkhatib, Ajmal Maj明英战役eed

Area: 128000.0 m2

Project Year: 2018

Photographs: Marjorie Bruyere, ric Heranval, Luc Boegly

Main contractor: TPFI

Client: Compagnie de Phalsbourg




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